Sunday, 21 February 2016

Slimming World Sunday on Erin's Choice: Week 1

Erin’s Choice has more or less been exclusively for book reviews since I started nearly three years ago, which is fitting because I spend A LOT of my spare time reading. In the last 8 months three books that have made it into the almost weekly rotation are three of my Slimming World recipe books. Slimming World is starting to take up some of my spare time previously spent reading and as I’m really on track when I have visual reminders of how far I’ve come, how much I’ve lost and so on I thought a weekly blog post about my week on Slimming World would be just one more thing to keep me on track.

I firmly believe Slimming World (SW) is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. It really feels like it once you get your head around what I think is a relatively easy meal plan. I’ve joined SW a few times over the years but when I joined again at the end of June 2015 I was in it to win it, raring to go and any other cliché you can think of.

I joined a local class and signed up for 6 weeks straight away. This marked one of the many “firsts” to get under my belt during this session of dieting. I had never bought a six week pass usually preferring to wing it week by week so I could become a diet class truant on weeks I knew I’d gained weight. My thinking behind buying the 6 week block was creating a feeling of obligation to go every week because I’m a home owner now and I ain’t got £25 to throw away willy-nilly you know!

As I said that sparked the trail for many of my SW firsts including awards, getting onto the next page in my weigh in book, becoming Slimmer of the Month and of the week (MORE THAN ONCE!!) and becoming part of the social team as the weigh in girl. During the first 6 months I lost one stone. A paltry amount compared to some of the life changing stories you read online and in the media. I had a lot going on during those 6 months socially and personally and when I signed up I was at my heaviest weight ever so it still felt good to have gone to class and lost and maintained my 1 stone loss instead of what would inevitably ended up as a 1 stone gain.

A fresh bout of dedication came in January and my head was back in the game. I’ve lost another 18lbs since the 1st by going to class, staying for Image Therapy and plan, plan, planning ‘til I’m dreaming about going for my weekly shopping! The last couple of weeks I’ve been slacking though so the idea of this post I’ve been toying with seemed more important than ever!

I’ll be back next week with an update!

Erin x

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