Thursday, 26 May 2016

Blog Tour: Review of Remember My Name by Abbey Clancy

The bit on the back…

From the moment Liverpool teenager Jess stars in the school musical, she knows that she’s GOT to be a star. Fast forward a few years and the closest the now 22 year old Jessica has got to stardom is as a children’s entertainer – which is where she meets Jack , uncle to the spoiled 5 year old birthday princess who spots Jessica’s talent and offers her a job with a record label. But that means that she’ll have to leave her family and her home and move to London – where she quickly finds that the streets aren’t quite paved with gold. And as she spends her days making tea for bitchy PR girls and her night in a mouldy studio flat, Jessica wonders if leaving Liverpool for London has been a terrible mistake.

Attending an industry party – unfortunately only to serve canapes – Jessica’s fortunes suddenly change when Vogue, the singer due to perform at the event drops out. Before she knows it, Jessica volunteers to stand in and takes centre stage. After a dazzling performance, she is surrounded by people wondering who this amazing new talent is. What’s more, her star turn has been captured by the press and she has become an overnight sensation.

Plunged into the crazy world of glitz and glamour, Jessica’s life is transformed but as her star rises, she loses touch with her roots. Jessica’s teenage dreams of stardom may have come true, but at what cost?

Firstly thanks to Harlequin for the review copy of this title via NetGalley and for asking me to be part of the blog tour today. Make sure you check out the other stops on the tour.

This is Abbey Clancy’s debut novel and it’s all about wannabe star Jess. Jess runs her own Princess business with her best friend and it’s as close as she’s come to performing like she dreams of, until her chance comes along in the form of Jack.

The story follows Jess from her life in Liverpool to London and how both her career and character transform in that time. You’re given a glimpse into what it might be like to live that lifestyle where everything you want is yours but in this story we also get to see that Jess started at the bottom before breaking through on a one off chance and her talent.

There are a few laugh out loud moments throughout the book, my favourite one was a line about Jessica’s name which is pretty apt considering the title of this book. As well as the rags to riches storyline there are new love interests and new friendships for Jess in her new life and the story focuses on how she deals with her two worlds merging.

The pace picks up in the second half of the book mirroring how Jess’s life has been catapulted from zero to superstar in 60 seconds. It almost feels as though there could be a sequel to the book to see what’s going to be next for her. There are a few poignant moments about friends; family and remembering where you’ve came from which every reader will be able to identify with. I’d recommend this for fans of Katie Price and Alison Kervin.

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