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Author Feature - Amanda Prowse - A Writer's Dozen

You might have caught Amanda on The Wright Stuff this morning and now you can catch up with her on Erin's Choice! Amanda is well loved in the book lovers circles and today she's talking about her 12th novel My Husband's Wife! Over to you Amanda...

A Writer's Dozen

The last four years has been a fairy story for me.  Since being a small child I’ve been an avid reader but never thought in a million years that it was possible for an ordinary wife and mum like me to write a book and get it published, that felt like the kind of thing that happens to other people. 

After my cancer diagnosis, I decided that this was my one time around the block and asked myself the question what did I really want to do with it?  And the answer was that I wanted to write stories.
I wrote my first book Poppy Day based on what I knew, the life of an Army wife who lived in fear of getting the knock on the door that we all dread.  Poppy, my heroine, was an ordinary girl living in an ordinary house, with her ordinary family - it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me!  But what I hadn’t banked on was the effect a girl like Poppy would have on the women who read her story.

The letters and messages began to pour in, readers telling me that they saw so much of themselves in her life and her story.  Very often it was the ordinary things, the guilt she felt, the worry and how she took joy in the small things.

As this novel took off and was more successful than I had ever imagined possible, I realised that this was my gift; to write about the ordinary, to write about relatable women in situations that we have all found ourselves. 

When I look at my bookshelf and see a dozen novels or more in several different languages, all with the name Amanda Prowse on the spine it is real ‘pinch me’ stuff.  Who knew that my tales of racism, domestic violence, post natal depression and yes, even cancer would be the thing that women like me wanted to read about.

I travel the world and meet people who have read my stories women as far apart as the United States, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, women who have very different lives and very different experiences and yet we are all bound together by nothing more than a story that germinated in my mind.  If that’s not magic I don’t know what is.

People ask me if I worry about getting writer’s block but I am so lucky in that I already have more books in my head and started in various files than I could ever complete in this lifetime.  I never realised that being able to write quickly would be a useful skill but clearly for me it has been the best thing ever. 

I will always be a mum, a wife, a daughter and sister first and can very often be found hot-footing it from a TV studio to Tesco’s to pick up something for tea and its this normality is the thing that keeps providing me with fuel for my stories

I am very excited about the books I have coming out at the end the of the year and the beginning of 2017 and I just hope that my readers love them as much as I do, because without anyone reading my books it would be a very solitary existence. 

Amanda's 12th novel My Husband's Wife will be released on the 14th of July

The bit on the back,..

Once a week, Rosie Tipcott counts her blessings. She goes to sit on her favourite bench overlooking Woolacombe and thanks her lucky stars for her wonderful husband, her mischievous young daughters, and her neat little house by the sea. She vows to dedicate every waking hour to making her family happy.

But life doesn’t always work out as we would want it to and when Rosie is on the receiving end of some unexpected and unwelcome news, it sets in motion a chain of events that she never would have thought possible and forces her to re-evaluate her life and everything that she thought she knew. 

Read Rosie’s story in ‘My Husband’s Wife’ to follow how this ordinary wife and mother reacts when her world falls apart.  Can she overcome the situation and get her life back on track?

About Amanda

Amanda Prowse is the bestselling author of contemporary family fiction and has written twelve books and six novellas that have been translated into dozens of languages all around the world.

Her titles include ‘What Have I Done?’ which was voted an Amazon Kindle editor’s book of 2013 and ‘A Mother’s Story’ that received the accolade of being the best family fiction novel by the Daily Mail.  It also won the coveted Sainsbury’s eBook of the Year 2015.

Her summer book of last year earned a place in the Amazon hall of fame and was also selected as a prestigious World Book Night title 2016 by The Reading Agency who promote and manage the nation’s libraries.

Amanda is a regular panellist on the popular daytime TVshow ‘The Wright Stuff’ and co-hosts the BBC Radio book club in Bristol in addition to narrating most of her own audio books.

Amanda lives with her husband and two sons in the West Country, where she writes full-time.

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