Friday, 22 July 2016

Review of Charged by Jay Crownover

The bit on the back...

Avett Walker and Quaid Jackson’s worlds have no reason to collide. Quaid is a high powered criminal attorney as slick as he is handsome, and Avett is a pink-haired troublemaker with a bad attitude and a history of picking the wrong men.

When Avett lands in hot water because of one terrible mistake, the only person who can get her out of it is this insanely sexy lawyer. The last thing she wants to do is rely on someone who thinks of her as nothing more than a nuisance, yet there is something about him that makes her want to convince him to loosen his tie and have a little fun…

They have to figure out a way to get along and keep their hands off each other – because the chemistry between them is beyond charged.

This is the 2nd book in Jay's Saints of Denver which is a spin off of her original Marked Men series. I have loved every book I've read of Jay's so far so you can imagine I had this on pre-order as soon as the link was available. Once again Jay did not disappoint.

The story is all about Avett Walker and Quaid Jackson - both characters we have met before. If you've not read the first book in this series or any in the Marked Men series then not to worry you can definitely enjoy this as a standalone but I would challenge you not to want to read more as soon as you're finished!

Avett Walker is good at one thing - getting herself into trouble. Although this time she's managed to land herself in really deep trouble. Avett's impacted many people's lives and the irresistible Quaid Jackson is set in to be her white knight.

Avett and Quaid are opposites in every way on the outside but on the inside they are kindred spirits. They clash immediately, in part due to Avett's inability to hold onto a good opportunity, and that angsty intensity stays between them throughout. Avett awakens something real in Quaid that goes against everything he's been working for in his life. The progression of the characters from start to finish puts me in mind of the progression of Rule from the eponymous first novel in the Marked Men series.

This book runs parallel to the first book in the series which was quite weird at first however I soon recognised scenes from the first novel albeit from a different character's perspective. The novel is packed with intense passion, emotions and adrenaline inducing action. I didn't expect the story to take the turn that it did and there is certainly an element of danger prevalent throughout the storyline.

Jay has done it again, this is another great story to add to an already impressive collection. I cannot wait to see what's next in this series!

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