Thursday, 1 December 2016

Review of A Winter;s Wish by Alice Ross

The bit on the back...

Tis the season to be jolly…isn’t it?

Amelia is at breaking point. She’s just lost her job and Doug, the love of her life, still hasn’t broken up with his girlfriend. Surely a trip to the quiet countryside is just what she needs?

Phil is about to leave beautiful Buttersley for the other side of the world! The sunny shores of Australia will mean a new life with his girlfriend, but something is holding him back…

Ella has never felt this way before – Jake O’Donnell is the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. And the more time she spends babysitting his kids, the more her feelings grow!

Stan should be happy. He loves his wife and their adorable baby girl more than anything! So why, when everything’s finally going right, are they arguing more than ever?

One thing’s for sure, even when Buttersley’s first snowflakes begin to fall, it’s never too cold for love to blossom…

Earlier this year I read the first two books in Alice's Countryside Dreams series. I really enjoyed both of them, and as soon as I saw this Christmassy 3rd book I knew I'd have to read it. The third books takes us back to Buttersley and is about four brand new, very different and complex characters!

So the first thing I loved about this is actually the way Alice tells her story. I loved how the stories of the four characters intertwined and unfolded over the weeks leading up to the festive period.Everyone is gearing up for Christmas and have to deal with not only that but all of the other goings on in Buttersley and there is never a dull day, that's for sure! The story has the right mix of serious and light-hearted moments and has it's share of romance and humour.

Secondly, each character is unique and in this story and in the whole series. Amelia, who you might know as Annie O'Donnell's sister, has come to seek solace in Buttersley and after a rather tense start to proceedings she finds her fit in the village easily enough.

Stan's daughter is about to have her first Christmas but Stan's relationship with his wife is rocky to say the least. What I really liked about Stan was his determination to try and set things right in his marriage.

Phil, local pub owner and Buttersley's answer to a surfer dude, is being driven slowly crazy by the thought of leaving Buttersley. He's proud of his achievements with his pub, how it fits with the community and is afraid he's making a mistake by going down under.

And then of course there is Ella. Ella has the biggest crush and I really think she's a character everyone will be able to identify with. She has a naivety that is easy to sympathise and I really liked her progression throughout the story.

This book is the third in a fab series. It is self contained enough to be read as a stand alone but why would you want to?! Make sure you check out the other books in the series too, I promise it is more than worth it!

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