Friday, 13 January 2017

Review of The Singalong Society for Singletons by Katey Lovell

The bit on the back...

Monique and Issy are teachers, housemates and lovers of musicals! Their Friday night routine consists of snacks, wine and the Frozen DVD. So when Monique’s boyfriend moves to America for a year and her sister Hope moves in because of her own relationship woes, Friday nights get a new name… ‘The Singalong Society for Singletons’!

It’s a chance to get together, sing along to their favourite tracks from the best-loved West End shows, and forget the worries of work, relationships and love (or lack of it). But when Issy shares the details of their little group further afield, they get some unexpected new members who might just change their opinions on singledom for good….

Firstly thank you to Harper Impulse for the review copy of this title via NetGalley. This is Katey's first full length novel following on from her Meet Cute series.

Monique, the main character and narrator throughout the story, lives with her friend and work colleague Issy. They both have loads in common from their careers to their love of musicals but they are also unique individuals in their own right with pasts and a history that unfolds the more you read of the story.

Hope, Monique's sister, makes the duo a trio when she moves in and together the three of them form The Singalong Society for Singletons. Along with their friend Connie the four friends explore new friendships, love and challenges. Connie takes a big leap of faith in herself and following her example the other three friends also embark on life changing decisions from small to big things.

As a lover of musicals I really enjoyed this element of the story. This is central to the overall story and I cannot think of another like it. The musicals from each Society meeting reflect something that is going on with the characters in that chapter and while the main focus is the development of the characters and their own individual stories throughout the link with the musical adds lightness to the overall story.

Katey has delivered a polished book which is original with fresh and honest characters that all readers will be able to identify with.  The writing is well structured and feels as though great care has been taken over it. Katey is on her way to establishing her place in this bookish world!

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