Thursday, 19 January 2017

Review of The Vets at Hope Green - Sheila Norton

The bit on the back...

Working as a receptionist in a London vets, Sam is living far from her idea of a simple life. She’s always broke, rents a tiny flat and is constantly arguing with her boyfriend. But the worst part is that her career is going nowhere. She wants to be a vet, but the most contact time with the animals she has is a quick hello when she books in their next appointment.

Something’s got to give, so when her parents suggest visiting her Nana Peggy in a small quiet picturesque village, she agrees, thinking a bit of R&R could do her good.

But rest and relaxation may not be the order of the day. Poor Nana Peggy’s lovely dog Rufus is unwell, and Sam can’t help but grow fond of him. With the help of Joe the local vet, a charming yet strangely distant man, Sam sets out on looking after him, despite her London life trying to call her back…

This is the first installment in Sheila Norton's new four par series The Vets at Hope Green. The story is all about vet practice receptionist Sam who's at a bit of a crossroads in her life with relationship and work decisions hanging over her. Sam heads to her Nana's to get some good old country air into her lungs and to take a break from her city life.

I love the sound of Hope Green. I used to live in a little village myself and it all came rushing back - everyone knowing each other, the friendships and the wide open spaces. It's Sam's fantasy to one day return to the countryside - somewhere just like Hope Green - with a gaggle of children and pets but it seems her boyfriend has different opinions. Their frequent arguments drive Sam to take some time for herself to clear her head.

In the village Sam is reunited with her Nana Peggy who she is very close to and also with her Nana's dog Rufus. As Sam settles back in she reflects on everything that's not quite right in her life, trying to work through her options. I think Sam is a very relatable character, her career and relationship worries are easy to empathise with.

Sam is introduced to the seemingly very rude local vet, Joe. I can sense there's much more to come from him throughout the rest of the story and I can't wait to see how his character and story develops throughout! The next installment is out on the 16th of February.

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